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Efficiency is the name of the game. Our revolutionary make up tool is completely non-absorbent and waterless. An intuituitvie appication allows you to apply makeup with the stroke of a finger.

Same Makeup. New Application
100% Latex Free

From the need to incorporate the efficiency and natural feeling of makeup application from a person's finger, but in a more hygienic manner, FACE CULT was born. FACE CULT is a patent pending tool that uses a proprietary blend of polymers to create a lush, natural skin feeling, for the application of makeup and beauty products (Medina, 2019). This unique, elegant finger sleeve, FACE CULT is washable and can be reused for up to 90 days dependent on usage. This allows artists to have a wider range of uses in a more hygienic manner. Furthermore, the polymer blend that FACE CULT uses is latex free and instead made from nitrites, giving it the added benefit of body heat transfer - key element needed for the perfect blend or contour.

How It Works

Face cult is an applicator you can roll down a single finger and apply makeup like nothing else on the market.

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